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The Handwriting’s On The Wall

, , , , | Learning | October 26, 2016

(I have a student who is due to graduate this year. He is one of THOSE cases: smart but lazy and utterly lacking in motivation. He and I have butted heads throughout the year and he seems to take delight in doing as little work as possible, on whatever timetable he likes. One day, he appears with his study guide packet, and with an uncharacteristic sense of urgency, starts pushing me to “put his hundreds in.” Of course, I am immediately suspicious. Upon reviewing the work, I realize that the missing assignments are in very neat, decidedly girly writing. I flip back to his previous work and confirm that it is not in his handwriting. In fact, it’s likely in his GIRLFRIEND’S handwriting, who was in my class last year. Disgusted, I toss the issue off to my admin, who is well-acquainted with both this student and these sorts of hijinks.)

Principal: “I called you in to discuss your work. Ms. [My Name] is not going to be able to give you credit for this late work because it is not in your writing.”

Student: *protesting* “What? Yes, it is.”

Principal: *turns to the page in question, covered with flawless girly print* “Oh, so this is your writing?”

Student: “Yes, sir.”

Principal: *feigns surprise* “Oh, I see. Then I suppose…” *flips back in the packet to previous, non-girly pages, of which there are many* “…apparently, THESE are NOT in your writing, and I guess she’ll be giving you zeroes on all of THESE, then.”

Student: “What?!”

Principal: “Well, if these three assignments ARE your handwriting, then apparently, you didn’t do all of the REST of these assignments.”

Student: “…”

Principal: “…”

Student: “Well… I guess I had a LITTLE help on those three.”

Principal: “So, zeroes, then?”

Student: “Yes, sir.”

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