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The Hallway Of Hypocrisy

| Learning | June 6, 2014

(I am a substitute teacher helping to proctor AP exams. In the middle of the essay portion of a particularly grueling government & politics test, there is a disturbance out in the hallway: a couple of guys who I assume are students are shouting at each other. I step out of the room to send them on their way, and am surprised to find two teachers going back into their offices. I don’t want to start any drama in case I have to sub for one of these guys, so I pretend I didn’t see them shouting and follow one into the nearest office.)

Me: “Did you see what was going on out in the hallway just now? Someone was making an awful lot of noise out there, and it was disturbing the kids taking the AP tests.”

Teacher: *archly* “It’s a HALLWAY.”

(I am a little shocked by his rudeness, so I say nothing and go back to the testing area. Two days later, I’m proctoring another difficult exam. The students are returning from a ten-minute break, and a group of about fifteen of them are laughing and chatting as they return to the room. On the way, they pass the same teacher’s room, and he comes storming out.)

Teacher: *all but shouting* “You will be QUIET in the HALLWAY!”