The Hair Doesn’t Need To Be Straight

, | Related | April 27, 2012

(I am a gay male. I work in a grocery store bakery. My mom has come early to pick me up to do some grocery shopping, and stopped by the bakery to see me. I’m growing my bangs out, but I have very curly hair. My mom is commenting on it.)

Mom: “Your curls sticking out from under your hat are outrageous.”

(Another woman who was at the bakery decides to join in.)

Woman: “Oh no, I think they look good! It’s all him!”

Mom: “He’s trying to grow his hair out and straighten it. It won’t work with his hair.”

Me: “Mom, I’m just trying to grow the bangs out to style them.”

Woman: “Well, I think they look good! It’s all him and what he wants to do.”

(I go back to work and my mom and the woman walk off and continue talking. Later on after my shift, mom’s driving me home.)

Mom: “You remember that woman that we were talking to earlier?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Mom: “Well, she asked how old you were.”

Me: “And?”

Mom: “I said, ‘He’s 23’. And she said, ‘Oh! Well, I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter at home!’ I just responded, ‘Sorry, he’s not for sale…for girls!’”

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