The Grumpy Grandma

, , | Right | October 7, 2018

(I’ve recently started work at a major clothing discounter that also sells decoration, toys, and other knick knacks. I’m still new, but learning. Today I’ve been assigned to the till, in addition to hanging newly-arrived clothes in the shop. An elderly lady approaches me:)

Customer: “Do you have ‘footers’? Your coworker back there told me they should be near the checkout.”

Me: *having never heard the word “footer” in relation to clothing* “I’m sorry, what exactly are you looking for? If you mean socks, we have—”

Customer: “No! It’s like a fine stocking, only just for the foot.”

(I’m a bit confused at this point, because we have something similar in the direction she actually came from.)

Me: “Nothing like that at the till, but if you’d like, I’ll go and get some for you from—”

Customer: *cutting me off for the second time* “I don’t have time for this! Now ring up!” *slams two t-shirts near the till*

(I ring the purchase up, putting the hangers away and folding the shirts in front of the customer. We are not required to fold them perfectly at the checkout — only for display — because most customers just stuff them in a bag or take them in their hands. Nobody complains about it, and people are usually happy when I try to save them some space. This sourpuss, though, unfolds them demonstratively in front of me and folds them slowly, while looking at me like I’m some new and ugly sort of cockroach.)

Customer: “You’ve certainly not been here long.”

Me: *trying to smile and gritting my teeth* “No, I actually have not.”

Customer: “Huh, yeah. One can see it.”

Me: “This will be 16,99€, please.”

(The customer throws a 20€ note at me without saying a word.)

Me: *overly polite* “Thank you! And there’s your change and your receipt!”

(The customer stuffs her purchase into her bag, completely ruining her making-a-point-folding, and looks down on me.)

Me: *with an obviously fake smile* “Thank you for your purchase! Have a great weekend!”

(The customer glares at me, still saying nothing, and finally goes away. I look at my coworker, who has arrived at the second till meanwhile.)

Me: “Well, I just had my first grumpy grandma.”

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