The Grumpy Dwarf Is Hungry

, , , , , | Right | August 17, 2020

I am visiting a popular theme park in Florida with my family. We are all really thrilled to be there, and all the employees and cast members have been phenomenal to us. I am next in a long line for some food when the customer ordering just ahead of me starts complaining and asks to see a manager.

Customer: *Angrily, to the manager* “Why is it taking so long? We’re hungry over here!” 

Manager: “Our staff is doing their best to make your meal as magical as possible, sir. I’m sure your meals will be out shortly.” 

I finish my order as they talk, and I stand next to [Customer] as we both wait for our food. I wave over an employee and ask her to get the manager for me. I speak to the manager, loudly so that [Customer] can hear it.

Me: “I just wanted to say thank you; your staff is doing a great job! And the line is moving faster than I expected since it’s so busy. You’re all making our visit magical.”

[Customer] glared at me, but I refused to even look over. The manager’s smile was huge, and I know a few other employees overheard, as well. Hope it made up for the needlessly grumpy guy.

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