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The Grandchildren Login At Different Priorities

| Right | May 5, 2017

(I work full-time at home with a well-known global company, troubleshooting my customer’s technical issues across several device platforms. I recently became trained into another department, and encounter a customer with login issues. As we are screen sharing:)

Me: “I’m just confirming that you want to have your login password separate to your online account password?”

Customer: “Yes, I am concerned someone in the family might get access as I have grandchildren and this is a brand new computer!”

Me: “Not a problem! Are you aware of what the password for your other account is?”

Customer: “Yes, but I really don’t want to associate my computer login with that account. Some other advisors helped me set this up yesterday; I sometimes have issues when the computer goes to sleep.”

Me: “I think I know where to go. Could you please follow my pointer up to the system preferences option? And then click users and groups. We can change your password here.”

(I sensed a bit of nervousness from the customer in case she couldn’t login.)

Customer: “Are you positive I will be able to login after this?”

Me: “That’s why I’m here to make sure you do! Okay, if you click the change password option, it will prompt you to enter your existing online one and a new password for your computer. It can be anything of your choosing.”

(Cue customer entering her password clue as “number one grandchild.”)

Me: “I hope your other grandkids don’t see this or they might be jealous!”

(The customer broke down in a superb fit of laughter that took a good five minutes to recover from! And all I said was to not let the grandkids see. I won her over and solved both her issues.)

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