The Gramp Of Approval

| Related | December 15, 2016

(My daughter was born at 26 weeks. As a result, at least two-to-three times a year we are back up in Bangor for appointments. My father has offered to take us to the clinic for my daughter’s hearing test. It’s important to note that we have already gone, and last time it was my husband, her father, who went with us, and we had the same nurse as this time, who held a conversation with my husband. We have finished and my daughter passed. While talking about how advanced she is for a preemie at the age of two, we walk out to the waiting room where my father sits, and the nurse comes out with this gem.)

Me: “Come on, Bugaboo! Time to put your jacket on!”

Daughter: *squeals and runs to her grampy* “No! Grampy!”

Dad: *laughs and picks her up* “She said ‘no.'”

Nurse: *laughing* “Are you the father?”

Dad: “…”

Daughter: “NO.”

Dad: “I’m GRAMPY.”

Nurse: “Take that as a compliment.”

Dad: “I will.”

(I was laughing so hard that I wound up sitting down. The nurse was embarrassed but dad took it all in good fun. It really did make our ride home a bit better.)

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