The Grade Is Mightier Than The Pen

| Learning | October 29, 2013

(The school offers high school level math classes to middle school students if they prove to be advanced. The class is divided into two parts: one to organize and grade homework, the other to learn the lessons. At this time, I’m in sixth grade and struggling with the organization part due to ADHD. I am the youngest student in the class, and have been told I must have my homework checked by the teacher before I leave the class. This day, we have a sub. I hand in my homework…)

Me: “Can you check me, Miss. [Substitute’s Name]?”

Substitute Teacher: “Sure, Hun.”

(The substitute teacher adjusts her glasses and looks at my problems.)

Substitute Teacher: “Well, Hun, I can barely read your work.”

(I am deflated, and afraid I have to redo it all again.)

Substitute Teacher: “But, you got them all correct! You’ve already got the handwriting and smarts down to be a doctor!”

(That was the most encouraging thing that was ever said to me while I was in middle-school. Six years later, I graduated 13th in my class, with honors, heading off to work on a computer engineering degree at a well-known university.)

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