The Goose That Laid The Golden Comeback

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Several years ago, when our twin sons were twelve, we set out on a “trip of a lifetime,” exploring Europe. The boys were eager to experience new things and were quite the adventurous travellers. We stayed at a gorgeous, ancient fortified farmhouse that was a lodge and a working farm. Other guests included a family from Belgium and three visitors from the States. One was a retired soldier who was shepherding another couple around some of the places he’d fallen for on his deployments.

I was the only one in the family who could speak French at the time, although my wife understood it but was too shy to try her skills. Our hostess was just the opposite; she could understand English but was too shy to speak it.

At breakfast the first morning, our hostess asked us if we wanted an omelette made from goose eggs. The Belgians eagerly accepted, and our boys’ eyes lit up as they saw the size of the eggs. We accepted her offer. The retired soldier also said yes and interpreted the question for his friends. The woman of the couple was very loud in her refusal. “I won’t put that s*** in my mouth! Why can’t these people eat normal?” She was served a regular fried egg.

Our meal was absolutely delicious and both the boys and my wife were very vocal with their pleasure in English.

The woman who had refused the omelette earlier then had a change of heart and asked her friend to ask for one for her, as well.

Our hostess said with a wink in our direction, “Tell her that I am all out of s*** for the day”.

My wife laughed, as did the retired soldier. It was left to me to break the news to the woman that there were no more eggs.

The soldier later thanked me. “Really, she’s been that way the whole trip; she wants to travel but wants everything to be like Philadelphia!”

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