The Gloves Are Off

, , , | Right | March 11, 2019

(I work as general staff, which means I often work the returns/customer service counter. It is also the place where other staff in the store send anyone that needs extra assistance, i.e. wants a discount. Our clientele is the sort that is generally fine, but when they decide they are entitled to something, God help you if you don’t make it so. A customer and his wife walk up to the counter. He drops a pair of gloves down. It’s a pair of gloves and liners, but it’s missing one of the liners. The wife glares at me the entire time.)

Customer: “Is this the best discount you can do?”

(It’s been marked down to the price of just the liners, with the discount being the same price as the liners. So, basically, it works out that the only difference is you’re getting a single extra liner for free.)

Me: “Sorry, sir, but that’s the maximum discount.”

Customer: “Well, that’s not worth it. Can’t you do any better? I mean, it’s missing one of the insides, it’s not wearable as is.”

Me: “Sorry, it’s already marked down to the price it would be without the liners. If you’re looking for just the liners, it would cost you the same price. I can get a pair that would fit inside these ones; the price would be the same as the regular price for this pair. I can knock a bit off that price, as well.”

Customer: “But it’s missing one of the liners; it’s basically broken.”

Me: “But for the discounted price, you could purchase a set of liners with the difference. So it’s not really discounted so much as adjusted to being just a set of outer gloves.”

Customer: “But it’s broken!”

(This is where my brain gives up.)

Me: “Actually, it’s not broken. If it were broken we wouldn’t be able to sell it.”

Customer: “What kind of f****** idiot would buy gloves that are missing one?”

Me: *as I stare at the idiot trying to buy a pair of gloves missing one* “I don’t know, sir, but if you like, I can call my manager and see if he will discount this.” *in my head* “Pair of gloves, missing one.”

Customer: “Sure, you do that. Thanks for nothing, f****** moron.”

(He left the gloves. I left the job.)

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