The Gift Of Teaching

| Learning | August 6, 2013

(I’m finishing up a semester-long internship in a fifth grade classroom. Today is the kids’ last day. My teacher is one of those that gives her kids fake “money” and lets them spend it at auctions with items brought in by her and her students. She has given me about $2,000 to participate in the auctions.)

Teacher: “Okay, the next item we have is another mystery prize.”

(It’s a small bouquet of fake flowers, with three small cards attached.)

Teacher: “We’ll start the bidding at $100.”

(All the students stand up to bid on it. I remain sitting, to let one of them have it.)

Student #1: “Come on, Ms. [my name]; you should bid too!”

Other Students: “Yeah! Stand up!”

Me: “Okay, if you insist…”

(I’m planning on sitting down to indicate I’ve stopped bidding once the price goes higher, to let one of the kids have it.)

Teacher: “$200?”

(One of the four tables of students sits down.)

Teacher: “$300?”

(Another table sits down. I’m starting to catch on and start chuckling.)

Teacher: “$400?”

(Another table sits.)

Teacher: “$500?”

(The last of the kids sit down, and I’m left standing, meaning I’ve won the auction. Finally, the teacher explains.)

Teacher: “It’s an end-of-the-year gift the kids put together for you.”

(The students all begin applauding. The bouquet comes with three $25 gift cards: Visa, Barnes & Noble, and The Cheesecake Factory. Easily the best and sweetest first class I could have asked for!)

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