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The Gift Of Role Reversal

| Related | May 1, 2017

(My mother and I are very close. Even after I move out for college and get a job to support myself, she continues to buy little things for me when she thinks I might like them or if I mention I need to buy something. Every time I visit home, there’s a new shirt or pack of tights or my favourite brand of spice mix, etc. on my guest bed. Even when I tell her she doesn’t need to spend money on me anymore she just replies:)

Mum: “They’re all offers. You don’t need to take them. I just suggest.” *winks*

(This happens on another visit home:)

Me: “Oh, mum, by the way, I went by the farmer’s market in [University Town] and that stall with the sauces and jams you liked was there again, so I bought you two bottles of [Sauce she really loves].”

Mum: “Thank you! What do I owe you for that?”

Me: “Nothing. They’re not even that expensive.”

(An hour later:)

Me: “I nearly forgot! I saw a cardigan in a thrift-shop that just screamed your name, so I, uh, I bought it. Do you like it?”

Mum: “[My Name], you don’t need to buy me things!”

Me: “It’s just an offer.”

(Short pause.)

Me: “Oh, god, I’m turning into my mother.”

(We had a good laugh about it. I’ve kept on buying little things for her, and so has she. It’s a good thing we know each other’s tastes well enough!)

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