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The Gift Of Giving

, , , , | Hopeless | December 21, 2017

(I am buying Christmas presents in a shop that sells ornaments, candles, incense, and all manner of wonderful things. Before me in the queue is a gentleman who wants to pay for his tiny purchase in cash, but doesn’t have quite enough. The item he is buying costs less than the minimum accepted by the shop for payment by card, and after being told this the gentleman turns to continue browsing for something else to increase his total. At this point Christmas spirit washes over me.)

Me: “Just add it to my things; I’ll get it for you.”

Gentleman: “Really? Are you sure?

Me: “Hey, it’s Christmas. Either treat it as a present, or do the same for someone else sometime.”

Gentleman: *hugging me* “Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!”

(The two ladies behind the counter were very chatty and friendly about this, and only later did I realise that I effectively did them out of a larger sale. If I hadn’t paid for his item then he would have bought more with his card. Oops.)

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