The Gift Of Gardening

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My mom always tried to ensure my siblings and I had wonderful Christmases, even when money was extremely tight. This usually meant that Christmas was provided to us by thrift stores, grandparents, and/or my mom’s sewing skills, but we never complained; we were just delighted to have something under the tree.

One year when I was about five or six, I’d expressed interest in having my own plot in the family garden… so it was a stroke of luck when Mom found a kid’s gardening book at the thrift store. It even came with seed packets that had yet to be opened by the previous owners! Unfortunately, said book also had a sizeable chunk ripped out of the cover, meaning there would be no way to pass it off as new. Fortunately, my mom is a creative problem solver.

On Christmas morning that year, I found the gardening book under the tree… and a note from “Santa” that read:

“[My Name], sorry that Rudolph took a bite out of your new book. He thought it was food! I hope you enjoy it anyhow and grow a big garden this year!”

I was so excited to have a book that one of Santa’s reindeer had tried to eat, and had a lot of fun helping plant in the garden that spring. It didn’t occur to me until much later to question why “Santa” had handwriting just like my mom’s, but to this day I have fond memories of that Christmas gift, and a love of gardening!

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