The Gift Of Being Too Stupid To Use Gift Cards

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(I work as a barista in a large corporate coffee chain. I help a man load two gift cards with $30 each, and give him the main receipt and two separate receipts — one for each card. He comes back a few minutes later.)

Customer: *places gift cards on the counter* “I loaded these with $30 earlier and called the number on the back. They said there is only $22.50 in each of them.”

Me: *genuinely confused* “Sorry, sir? You called the number on the back of the gift card?”

Customer: *grunts* “This number right here!” *shows me the phone number* “You didn’t load the $30 that I paid!”

Me: “I included the receipts for each card in the envelopes, but I can check the balance for you again and reprint the receipts if you’d like.”

Customer: “Yeah, do it!”

(I am extremely confused now, as this is the first customer I’ve ever had call in right after I have given him receipts. I scan the cards and print the receipts.)

Me: “Here you go, sir. Both of your cards have $30 according to the system, the same as when I activated them earlier. Perhaps they heard the wrong card numbers over the phone?”

Customer: *completely appalled by my response* “How can you mess up 16 numbers in a card?! I called the number, and they said there’s $22.50 on the cards! This has never happened with [Large Tech Retail Company]. The balance is always the same on the card and what they tell me is on it!”

Me: *checks the balances of the gift card again* “My system says $30… I really can’t say much else, sir.”

Customer: “NO! This has never happened before! What’s wrong with you?!”

Me: *growing slightly irritated by his increasing rudeness towards me* “Well, sir, [Coffee Chain] is based in the US and the number you called is actually US. If it’s $22.50, it may be in the US currency. If you’d like, try to call again and ask what currency it is in.”

Customer: “What are you talking about?! There’s $22.50 on the cards!”

(I tried to explain to him two more times, but I realised this customer wouldn’t listen to me any time soon. I spin around to the two supervisors standing behind me. I quickly explained this customer’s problem and backed away. We ended up refunding his gift cards. Sometimes the words go in one ear and straight out of the other.)

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