The Gift-Card That Keeps On Giving, Part 4

| Right | July 6, 2017

(I’m a cashier at a major retail store, when a lady comes to my line, purchasing a $60 gift card.)

Me: “Okay, that’ll be $60.”

Lady: “Oh, and I have this old gift card as well. Can you tell me how much is on it?”

Me: *after scanning old gift card* “It has $3.16 on it. Would you like to use it right now to help pay for the $60 gift card?”

Lady: “Oh, sure!”

Me: “Okay, so your new total is $56.84.”

Lady: “But, but I want the gift card to be worth $60.”

Me: “It is worth $60, ma’am. But you gave me that other gift card of yours, which had about three dollars left on it, remember? So you only owe me $56.84 now.”

Lady: “But then where’s the old gift card I gave you?”

Me: “I applied it to this purchase, as we agreed.”

Lady: “But… but I wanted $60 gift card…”

(My lane is starting to get backed up with customers, on this busy Friday afternoon.)

Me: “It IS worth $60, ma’am. I promise you. I can show you your receipt after and explain, but for now, you owe me $56.84.”

Lady: “…”

Me: “But I absolutely promise you that this gift card that you’re purchasing right now, this one right in my hand, will be worth $60. If it isn’t, I will happily fix the error in front of you afterwards.”

Lady: “I just don’t understand… so… will it be worth $60?”


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