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The Ghost Of Practical Jokers Past

, , , | Related | May 13, 2020

This happens after my younger brother’s first day in primary school. He comes back crying and is rather inconsolable. My younger sister and I eventually manage to calm him down enough to explain.

Brother: “The music rooms are haunted! [Classmate #1] and [Classmate #2] went in and never returned!”

As he starts panicking again, my sister and I look at each other and start laughing as one. We are so relieved that it isn’t bullying or anything of the sort. Our younger brother finally stops crying when he sees us laugh.

Brother: “Don’t laugh! It’s true! There’s a ghost in there! A girl went in and never returned, so she now attacks the living!”

Sister: “I know! I’m the ghost!”

My brother makes a “WTF” face.

Me: “It was all a big prank. I’ll explain it to you.”

Basically, the music room corridor is always pitch black and scary. So, one day, a certain prefect decides to use it to prank the new primary one students. During the school tour on day one, the students are guided down that corridor, one class at a time. The lights are turned off, and the guiding prefect starts telling the ghost story to the class. When they are distracted, older students hidden in the music rooms grab pre-informed volunteers from the class, typically their younger siblings, and pull them into the music room. Then, when they leave the corridor, the guiding prefect makes a big show about the missing students, pretending it is the ghost kidnapping them.

Brother: “So, you mean…”

Sister: “Yup, your classmates are fine. Man, I can’t believe that they’re still doing this.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s been a decade since [Older Sister] came up with that prank.”

Brother: “What?”

Sister: “[Older Sister] was the prefect that schemed the prank. My class was the very first to be pranked. [My Name] pulled me into the music room while [Older Sister] led my class down the hallway. That’s why I’m the original ghost.”

Me: “Ah, that was nostalgic. Can’t believe we started a school tradition with our prank.”

Brother: *Indignantly* “And why did none of you tell me that?!”

Me: ”It’s literally been a decade since [Sister] was primary one. We all forgot.”

I don’t think he ever forgave us for that traumatic experience. In our defence, how were we supposed to remember a prank that we schemed before he was even born? We didn’t expect it to last long after we left, much less become a school tradition.

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