The Gang With The Holes In Their Heads

, | Right | October 1, 2018

(Today at work I had a funny moment regarding my piercings. One of my ears has quite a few. I am checking out an older woman…)

Woman: *noticing my piercings* “How many more holes are you going to put in your head?”

Me: *hears this quite often* “Well, this ear is done but I want to do more with the other one.”

Woman: “So, what, is that part of a clique you’re in? Are you in a gang?”

(I’m shocked speechless for a moment before I burst out laughing. The thought of me, who is baby-faced and cries at conflict, in a gang is just so ridiculous that I can’t help it. Once I get a hold of myself I try to explain.)

Me: “No, no. It’s just self expression. I just felt like doing this; it’s not gang related or anything.”

(For he rest of the conversation we talked about how she didn’t understand why us “young people” wanted piercings and tattoos. She said her granddaughter had a large tattoo on her chest and how she didn’t understand, because no one was going to see it.  I showed her my tattoo and explained the significance of my sisters leaving footprints on my heart, so I got them there permanently. She seemed to think that was ok. I finished ringing her up and we parted ways. I’m still laughing over the fact that since I have piercings I’m apparently intimidating enough to be in a gang now.)

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