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The Fourth Is Strong With This One

| Friendly | May 23, 2016

(I am shopping for food while employees are restocking the aisles nearby.)

Employee #1: *one aisle to the right* “What’s today?”

Employee #2: *at the end of my aisle* “May third.” *pause* “You know what tomorrow is?”

Employee #1: “What?”

Employee #2: “May the Fourth!”

Employee #1: “What?”

Employee #2: “May. The. Fourth.”

Employee #1: “Huh? So Cinco de Mayo is the day after.”

Employee #2: “No, listen. May the fourth…”

Employee #3: *one aisle to the left* “…be with you!”

Employee #1: “I don’t get it.”

Me: *pointing to the tiny Wookiee I carry in my shirt pocket* “I got it!”

Employee #2: “Awesome!”

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