The Force Is Stronger Than Their Hate

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(I love my family to death, but a lot of my relatives are extremely racist and homophobic. This has always upset me because I’ve seen a few cousins’ interracial relationships crack under the pressure from my extended family, and one cousin in particular has confided in me that he is gay, but will never come out to our “close” family. One day we’re on a huge family holiday — we don’t take holidays apart from each other because we’re so close — in Disneyworld and see a lesbian couple in wedding-style Star Wars costumes; they’ve obviously just gotten married.)

Uncle: “I want to go ask them who the husband is.”

Brother: “Definitely the one with the short hair. The other one is prettier.”

Me: *yells across the way* “CONGRATULATIONS! LOVE IS LOVE!”

(The newlyweds smiled, and my family gave me the cold shoulder for a while. Worth it.)

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