The First Step Is The Hardest

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Lockdown has not been kind to my roomie. She has always been a bit lazy, but now, given the excuse not to exercise or go outside, she spends every hour she’s not working sat in one spot on the sofa, normally snacking.

She tells us she is not happy and wants to lose weight and that we “need” to help her. We are happy to help. 

So far, by her request:

We’ve removed all of our snacks from the communal kitchen and then the alcohol; this doesn’t work. We’ve started to make an extra portion of any healthy food we made for ourselves; she won’t eat it. We’ve invited her to join in our running and workout apps and DVDs; she can’t be bothered. We’ve discouraged her when she wanted takeaway, etc.; she just gets angry.

After a few months, we are all fed up with her and ready to give up on her. I go to talk to her one more time and find her sulking into a tub of ice cream. 

Roommate: “Why is it so hard to lose weight? I’ve tried everything!”

You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. She keeps complaining and sulking but we tune her out.

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