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The First Rule Of Eat Club

| Related | October 12, 2013

(My five-year-old daughter eats at a painfully slow pace, so in order to speed things at the table we usually create ‘eating contests.’ This time, she wants to start one.)

Daughter: “Let’s have a contest!”

Me: “Okay then. Ready… set—”

Daughter: “No! Wait! I have to tell the rules first!”

Me: “Sure, go on.”

Daughter: “Okay. So… the first one, ah… is that there are three rules!”

Me: “Sounds reasonable. Rule number two?”

Daughter: “Rule number two: rule number two is… that everyone must follow the three rules!”

Me: “Wilco. Now, rule number three?”

Daughter: “Rule number three… is that if you don’t follow the three rules you will be disqualified!”

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