The Finest Shoes On Diagon Alley

| Working | February 10, 2015

(After putting buying new running shoes off for a while, because I’m still kind of embarrassed during the whole treadmill procedure, I finally get over myself and go shopping.)

Employee: *presenting a shoe to me* “So this is a very good shoe. It’s called Nimbus 16…”

Me: “Nimbus? Like the broomstick, Nimbus 2000?”

Employee: “Haha, yeah, indeed. But this is only 16; however, you’ll be just as fast as Harry, I bet!”

(After deciding this shoe was indeed the best, I am paying at the counter.)

Employee: “Would you like a bag for this?”

Me: “Yes, please. I don’t think I can fit a shoe box in my handbag.”

Employee: “Well, not unless it’s one of those magical ones, like Hermione’s.”

(Thank you awesome employee!)

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