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The Final Word On Passwords, Part 5

| Right | September 1, 2016

(I am working in a call center for tech support that handles area offices. A worker from a local office calls in upset because she can’t use her ‘new computer’.)

Me: “Can I get the name of the computer so I can check on it in our system?”

Customer: “[Computer].”

Me: “It looks like [Computer] is registered for [Other User] instead of your account…”

Customer: “Yes, it’s his computer, and it won’t take my password to use it.”

Me: “Are you using a password he gave you?”

Customer: “No, it’s my password, but it has his name here so it won’t work.”

Me: “So you are using your password with someone else’s username, on their computer, and you don’t know why it won’t work?”

(She hung up at this point, and I haven’t heard back from her since.)

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