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The Final Ruling

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(For my 13th birthday party, I have a sleepover with about half a dozen of my friends, most of whom know my mom pretty well already. We’re a generally well-behaved bunch, but before she goes to bed, my mom comes into the living room to make sure we’re all right for the night. My friends and I are all feeling a little silly at this point.)

Mom: “All right, I’m going to head back upstairs. But before I go, I want you to know that I just have one rule–“

Friend #1: “No burning the house down?”

Mom: “All right, I just have two rules–“

Friend #2: “No stealing your car?”

Mom: “I just have three rules–“

Me: “No sneaking out to meet boys?”

Mom: “Stop! Okay, I have a lot of rules!”

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