The Filthy Truth Of History

| Learning | August 20, 2013

(My social studies teacher is the really strict, boring kind. One day while she’s lecturing, she sees everyone asleep.)

Teacher: “I know the thing that will perk you all right up!”

(Our teacher takes a videotape and puts it in the VCR. The tape plays some equally boring lecture of history, clearly copied off the History Channel. It approaches the end of the video.)

Teacher: “Ah that was a change of pace, wasn’t it?”

(Our teacher goes over to press stop. Before she can, a scene from a very old p*rn starts playing. The class starts hooting, and the teacher quickly takes the tape out. The screen freezes, so the teacher turns off the TV, red faced.)

Teacher: “I, uh, you see, my son-in-law must’ve taped over my video. He was watching Showtime late at night.”

Student: “A likely story!” *everyone laughs*

Teacher: “Silence, settle down!”

(The class does settle down, but the teacher was asked by many a boy if he could borrow that tape of hers for months afterwards.)

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