The Fight Between Science And Religion Will Cost You Deer-ly

, , , | Right | June 20, 2018

(I have a part-time job as a toll collector on a regional highway. One evening, I am working a shift in a remote section near a heavily-wooded area. A customer drives up to my booth and the following exchange ensues:)

Customer: *exclaiming* “Wow, a huge deer just ran out in front of me! I had to swerve to miss it! Scared me nearly to death!”

Me: “Yes, you have to be careful driving just about everywhere these days. In fact, I just read an article in Scientific American magazine saying that deer population in the US is up a huge percentage due to outdated conservation policies.”

Customer: “Well, thank God I didn’t hit the creature, because that would have been a disaster. And speaking of thanking God, could I interest you in information about salvation through Jesus?”

(He holds a pamphlet out the car window for me to take.)

Me: “Sir, I just quoted an article from Scientific American. Care to check your math?”

(The customer paused for a moment,  looking confused. Then the light did shine upon him, and he sheepishly withdrew the pamphlet, paid his toll, and went on his way. Better luck next time.)

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