The Female Is More Deadly

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(I am in the process of buying my parents a gift from the store my mother works at, and I need to talk to her store manager about it. I call the store and my mother answers the call, so I put on a high-pitched, close to screeching voice, asking for the manager by name. When she asks for my details, I refuse to give them, demanding to be put through. In due course, I give my mother the gift. She asks how I managed to buy it from her store without her knowing, and I remind her of the phone call.)

Mum: “That was you? You caused so much trouble for [Store Manager].”

Me: “How could I cause trouble for [Store Manager]?”

Mum: “Did I tell you that he gave his fiance’s sister a job? She could hear that it was a female on the phone and threw a fit because I put a call from a woman through to him when he’s engaged to her sister.” 

Me: “Are you kidding? Does she not realise that he works retail and many customers are actually women?”

Mum: “Yeah, I know, I always thought that [SM’s Fiance] was crazy, but her sister takes the cake.”

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