The Feeling Is Mute-ual

, | Working | February 1, 2013

(I pull up to the drive-thru and place my order. However, I ask for clarification on what’s included on a combo as I’ve never eaten at this chain before.)

Employee: “The combo comes with two sides and a drink like it says on the menu.”

(The employee then speaks off the drive-thru intercom to her coworker, unaware I can still hear her.)

Employee: “I love making people feel stupid!”

(Despite hearing this, I decide to let her comment go.)

Me: “Right, well that will be all.”

Employee: “Your total is $6.54. Please pull forward.”

(At the window, I hand her $10.54 since I have an overabundance of change in my car already. I’m expecting four $1 bills, but she starts to hand me my 54 cents back and starts counting back change.)

Me: “No, I should get $4 back.”

Employee: *confused* “What? You gave me too much.”

(We go back and forth for a few seconds before the manager comes over and explains the simple bit of addition and subtraction that took place and counts the $4 back to the cashier so she can give me the correct change. She hands me my money and food, but I couldn’t resist getting the last word in before driving off.)

Me: “I love making people feel stupid.”

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