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The Father Of All Comebacks

| Related | July 3, 2014

(I’m shopping around with my mother after not seeing her for over a month. Note that my mother and I are very close and she and my father have been separated for over ten years. I’m also not particularly fond of my father as a result. I’m driving and my mom is in the seat beside me.)

Me: *backing out of a parking space, muttering a little to myself* “I’ll just go this way.”

Mom: “Why?”

Me: “Because I don’t want to get in that person’s way. She just let me back out and I wouldn’t have room to go past her.”

Mom: “Why?”

Me: “I’m not about to side-sweep cars, Mom.”

Mom: “Why?”

Me: *recognizing my mom playing the ‘why’ game where she always asks ‘why?’ to EVERY answer* “Because I’m way smarter than Dad is!”

Mom: *dumbfounded look* “That… was the most perfect answer ever! I can’t even say anything to that!”

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