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, , | Right | July 31, 2008

(In my line are a preteen girl, an older woman behind her, and lastly, a middle-aged woman.)

Me: “Can I have your zip code, please?”

Young Girl: “Wait, what?”

Me: “We’re just doing a survey.”

Middle-Aged Woman: “Don’t listen to her, honey. You don’t have to give her any information if you don’t want to. They’re just going to use it to help the government to watch you! The government is already in enough things. You shouldn’t give them any more opportunities to watch what you’re doing! I never give my information when sales girls ask for it; that’s my right, and it’s your right to refuse!”

Young Girl: “Um…”

Me: *I punch in my own zip code* “It’s fine, never mind. That’ll be $6.34.”

(Next is the older woman…)

Older Woman: “You can have my zip code. I shop here all the time, and I love getting coupons and fliers in the mail because the company knows people in my town shop here often. In fact, I have a coupon with me today!”

Me: “Well, thank you, ma’am!”

(The older woman pays and leaves and I ring up the middle-aged woman’s purchases. I punch in my own zip code again for her because I don’t want to hear another speech about the government stalking people via zip code.)

Me: “That’ll be $24.56.”

Middle-Aged Woman: “What? I wanted to give you my zip code!”

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