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The Evolution Of Morals

| Learning | March 21, 2016

(The story happens during business class. We are learning about copyright protection, but the class gets off track and starts talking about morals.)

Other Student: “You can only learn morals through religion, otherwise it becomes moral relativism.”

Me: “I’m atheist, but I’m still moral.”

Other Student: “Oh, yeah? Who taught you morals?”

Me: “My parents, who learned it from their parents.”

Other Student: “What do you believe in, then?”

Me: “Evolution.”

Other Student: “So, you believe in rape and murder?”

Me: “No! When did I say that?”

Other Student: “When you said you believe in natural selection. Natural selection is men killing other men to have a better chance at surviving.”

Me: “No, it isn’t. Now, would you please stop talking to me? I have work to do.”

Other Student: “ANTICHRIST!”

(I still have no idea what that outburst was about.)

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