The Earth Can Do Without These Grumpy Bags

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(Our bagless grocery chain recently had a promotion for Earth Day where corporate sent out coupons to be redeemed for one reusable bag. Since the bags cost the company money, the management didn’t want us handing them out without the redemption. However, since many customers were confused about the promotion and things got bungled with the coupon scanning, the cashiers ended up scanning a backup UPC for inventory purposes, offering a free bag as an option to anyone checking out with several items and only “making it rain” when we ran out of complimentary cardboard boxes. I am checking out a woman with a single item, skipping the spiel since there is a rush and it doesn’t seem necessary:)

Me: “And here is your receipt, have a nice day!”

Customer #1: *loudly and angrily* “AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME A BAG?!”

Me: “Uh… Sure, you can have a bag if you’d like one.”

Customer #1: “Well, you’re supposed to give me a free bag for Earth Day, aren’t you?!”

Me: *not wanting to hold up the line arguing over a 99-cent bag* “Sure, here you go. Have a nice day.”

(The woman glares at me and walks away. A younger woman comes up behind her in line, checking out two desserts, one marked down for quick sale.)

Customer #2: “Why are you ringing these up as different prices?”

Me: “They are different prices. One is at the regular sale price and one is reduced for quick sale.”

Customer #2: “But they’re exactly the same; why are they different prices?”

Me: “One is discounted for quick sale because it’s close to expiring, but the other one is dated to expire in mid-July.”

Customer #2: “That doesn’t even make sense. One shouldn’t be ringing up as more than the other when they’re exactly the same thing! Your system is whacked.”

Me: “It’s not the system; I’m manually reducing the price based on what it says on the sticker.”

Customer #2: “Well, can’t you just fix it on your computer so they’re not ringing up randomly?”

Me: “Sorry, but it’s not a mistake. One is discounted; the other one is regular price.”

Customer #2: *rolling her eyes* “Fine, then give me whichever one’s cheaper.”

Me: *handing her the single dessert* “All right, here you go.”

Customer #2: “I want a bag, too.”

(I give her the bag just to be rid of her, and continue ringing up customers.)

Customer #1: *storming back up and throwing another dessert on the register, with [Customer #2] following* “There were other discounted ones back there, you know.”

Me: “I’m not aware of what’s on the shelf; I just rang up the items she brought up.”

Customer #1: “You should know. You seem to have a real attitude problem. You could have let her get one, and we shouldn’t even have to ask for bags!”

Me: *ringing the item up and holding it out to her* “She can have it now. All that’s necessary is to bring what you want up to the register, and I’ll be happy to ring it up at the marked price.”

(Both stand there staring at me, each with their free bag with a single item inside.)

Customer #1: “Well, where’s the bag?!”

Me: “Don’t you… already have bags?”

Customer #1: “UH, HELLO?! You’re giving out free bags with each purchase for Earth Day?! We just bought something, so aren’t you supposed to give us another bag?”

Me: “Well, technically, it’s supposed to be one bag per coupon.” *reaching under the register and pulling out a coupon as an example*

Customer #1: *sputtering* “Well, you didn’t ask for a coupon when you gave us these bags!”

Me: *smiling* “No, I didn’t. I gave them to you, anyway, because you asked so nicely. But if you really need another free bag, you can have one.”

Customer #1: *snatching the bag and saying sarcastically* “Thanks a lot!”

Me: “You’re very welcome! Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your desserts!”

(They gave me dirty looks over their shoulders as they left.)

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