The Drums Of Life Keep On Swinging

, , , | Friendly | August 27, 2019

(My youngest son starts playing drums around age eleven. We get him lessons and he is doing quite well. By about age thirteen, he is the drummer for our church’s youth band. By the time he is almost fifteen, I think he is at least as good as our main service drummer, and I want more chances for him to play. I also feel like the main service drummer has little, if any, enthusiasm when playing. I approach the church’s music director.)

Me: “[Music Director], [Son] is getting pretty good. Any chance you can put him in rotation to play?”

Music Director: “Hmm… I don’t know. He’s only fourteen.”

Me: “Being nine didn’t stop you from playing in an orchestra.”

Music Director: “Okay, point taken. I’ll put him in every other month.”

Me: “Thank you.”

(Skip to the following Sunday early morning; my phone rings.)

Me: *groggily* “What’s up?”

Music Director: “Can [Son] play drums this morning?”

Me: “Sure.”

Music Director: “Um… and every Sunday?”

Me: “Huh? What happened?”

Music Director: “[Main Service Drummer]’s wife found him at his girlfriend’s house this morning.”

Me: “Oops.”

(My son became a welcome change for me as he was always happy and enthusiastic. As for the main service drummer, I can only hope he patched things up with his wife; I never saw him again.)

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