The Drugs Do Work

, , , | Right | May 30, 2016

(I am not fully trained in the pharmacy, just enough to help customers picking up their prescriptions. I am assisting the drive-thru customers.)

Customer: “I have two requests: I need some information about a drug I’ve has been prescribed, and also for a prescription that I’ve already picked up but someone has found and brought back to your store.”

(I grab a pen and write everything down so that I can accurately ask the pharmacist for them. While the pharmacist is bringing me the items, I chat with the customer to better understand what happened.)

Customer: “I picked up my prescription and drove to a local park to enjoy the weather. Someone broke into my car and grabbed the prescription. The drugs did not contain any narcotics, so the thief tossed it aside. Another person at the park found it and brought it to the store so you could return them to the me.”

Me: “That is so cool!”

Customer: “Yes. I am glad someone brought them back, and the pharmacist called me.”

Me: “This just made my day.”

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