The Drive To Be Romantic

| Romantic | August 7, 2013

(I have just gotten a new job that requires overtime for the first month. This means me waking up at 5 am to get ready and drive an hour to work. This morning, my husband decides to treat me to a local donut shop, but drives his car so I can leave straight for work after doughnuts. Unfortunately, we leave a little late, so I have to take my breakfast and run. As I’m driving, I notice my husband’s car driving next to me, which is odd because home is the other direction. I call him on my hands-free phone.)

Me: “Hey, [husband’s name].”

Husband: “Hello, beautiful. What’s up?”

Me: “Did you drive next to me just so we could have breakfast together?”

Husband: “…I totally wish I had thought of that. I was going to visit the nature park down the street and… I guess we happened to end up driving together.”

Me: *disappointed* “Okay… well, I love you anyway.”

(He says he loves me too and hangs up. I have a rough day at work. However, when I get home, he’s back to his usual romantic self. He has made a big candle-light dinner, and my favorite movie!)

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