The Dresses Do Not Spark Joy

, , | Related | January 31, 2019

(I have a tendency to hoard stuff without even noticing. It’s a miracle my closet didn’t vomit out the excess. My friend is helping me pack up and donate to charity.)

Me: “Thanks for helping me.”

Friend: “No problem.” *picks up a dress* “I thought you didn’t like dresses.”

Me: “I don’t. Mom keeps buying me dresses and jewelry, no matter what Dad and I say. Haven’t worn anything she bought me since I’ve been able to shop by myself.”

Friend: “Then what do you do with the stuff she sends?”

Me: “I used to give them to [Roommate] — he likes the freedom and my mom’s taste in clothing — but now he’s confident enough to shop, so I’m donating them.”

Friend: “I’m not complaining about my mother ever again.”

Me: “Yeah, I don’t know if she’s repressing the anger or is genuinely okay with it, but at least the stuff she gives me can go to people that appreciate them.”

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