The Dressers Of Two Evils

| Working | February 14, 2013

(During football season, our grocery store allows its associates to wear football jerseys and other football attire on the weekends. I am wearing an Atlanta Falcons Jersey with the Number 7 and Vick’s name on the back. At this time, Michael Vick had just admitted to dog fights, which was a huge scandal in the NFL. Ironically, the jersey I’m wearing has tears and holes in it because a few months prior, my dog got a hold of it and chewed on it while it was hanging out to dry.)

Manager: “Hey! You got a lot of nerve wearing THAT jersey here!”

Me: “Yeah, I know…. but my dog got a hold of it and chewed some holes in it. That has to count for something, right?”

Manager: *laughs* “Yeah, we’ll I don’t have much room to talk. My team is the Patriots and they were caught cheating last week.”

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