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The Door To Common Sense Is Locked

| Working | February 13, 2015

(I work after hours at an IT service desk. I come in one night for my first shift of the week, and go up to the level I work on. I swipe my card at the security door, but it doesn’t work. Confused, I go downstairs, thinking that security might be able to let me in, but no guards are there and I don’t know their number. I call one of the many numbers for the service desk, to get one of my colleagues to let me in. My team leader opens the door.)

Me: *still confused* “Why isn’t the door working?”

Team Leader: *deep sigh* “The door’s broken, and security has to let you in. You should have called them.”

Me: “I don’t have their number.”

Team Leader: “Don’t be stupid. It’s right here, on the out-of-order sign!” *he points*

Me: “You mean the sign on the inside of the door, that I can’t see when it’s closed?”

Team Leader: “Yes, of course… oh.”

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