The Door Shall Be Avenged

| Working | August 6, 2013

(One of the glass doors of our cooler has been broken for well over a month. Customers, for some reason, always seem disappointed that the reason why isn’t more exciting.)

Customer: *stares wide-eyed at the door* “What happened there?”

Me: “Oh, not as cool as you’d think. They were replacing the glass, and the tech guy put too much tension on it. It shattered.”

Customer: “Oh, it wasn’t some angry drunk or something?”

Me: “You want the real story? It’s really hush-hush.”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “So Tony Stark came in, and he was beyond wasted. I wouldn’t sell him any booze. So he sent Bruce in to smash up the cooler door.”

Customer: “What, really?”

Me: “Yeah. Steve said he’d pay for it, but you know how busy they are. HYDRA and all that.”

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