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The Dog Is Too Chicken To Play Along

| Related | December 30, 2015

(I was a very fussy eater as a child. One day my godmother has come to visit, bringing her Husky with her. All the humans are having dinner together, and the dog is under the table.)

Mother: “All right, [Sister], what do you want for dessert?”

Me: “Hey, how come I don’t get dessert?”

Mother: “Because you didn’t finish your chicken. Eat it and you can have dessert.”

*leaves room to get ice cream*

(I hated chicken, and in fact went vegetarian shortly thereafter, at the age of nine. That day, however…)

Me: “Fine.” *picks up piece, palms it, and passes it off to the dog*

Mother: *returns* “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Dog: *burps*

Me: *glares at dog*

(I didn’t get dessert, but at least we all got a good laugh!)

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