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The Dishonest Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

, , , | Right | August 6, 2021

I am at the school chatting with some ladies as we are waiting to pick up our children. Another lady joins us.

Lady #1: “Do you mind if I join in with you?”

We all tell her she is welcome.

Lady #1: “You all are so nice. I made the mistake of joining [another group of mothers] today and am pretty disgusted with [Lady #3]. She’s over there telling them how she steals money from her mother-in-law.”

Lady #2: “Oh, my God, that’s horrible.”

Lady #1: “She either tells her that she didn’t give her enough money to buy something or she takes it right out of her purse. She’s a horrible piece of work.”

I have been a volunteer in the uniform shop at the school, and I had some trouble with this woman taking stock and then refusing to pay by lying about it. There wasn’t much that could be done. The principal had to set rules about how we dealt with this woman.

I also volunteered in the school canteen. On my first shift, I had the pleasure of serving the woman’s daughter. She ordered a pile of food and then dropped the money into my outstretched hand; instead of simply putting it there she did it from a height. I caught all of the coins; some were close to rolling off. Counting the coins, I found that there wasn’t enough money.

Me: “I just need two dollars more, please.”

Girl: *Glaring straight into my eyes* “You must have dropped it.”

I take a look on the counter, tipping out a box of stock that my hand had been over just in case.

Me: “There’s nothing here. I need the extra two.”

Girl: “You must have dropped it on the floor, then.”

Me: “No, I didn’t.”

The area I am in is boxed in; the only way I could drop money on the floor would be to throw it over my head. I give her the healthy part of her order and a drink, taking back two dollars’ worth of junk food.

Me: “Come back when you find the extra two dollars.”

The girl starts to object, but I talk over her.

Me: “Next, please.”

The manager of the canteen told me that they usually just give her the extra food because the coins usually scatter when she drops them. She was shocked when I told her how dishonest the girl’s mother was and that she had probably taught her the tactic. She never tried that with me again.

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