The Devil’s Music

| UK | Learning | April 8, 2016

(One of the modules I’m doing is called “Medieval Apocalyptic Thought,” wherein we study, well, medieval thoughts on the apocalypse. The seminar room is on the top floor of a five-storey building. We’ve just finished the first half of a two-hour seminar which features the Antichrist heavily…)

Tutor: “Well, that’s it for this half. After the break we’ll look at Augustine’s thoughts on this passage of Daniel…”

(Suddenly, a massive series of crashing sounds rocks the ceiling above us, like someone is trying to play drums on the ceiling.)

Student #1: “It’s happening!”

Student #2: “It’s the Antichrist!”

Student #3: “The three-and-a-half years of persecution are beginning!”

Student #1: “It’s the apocalypse!”

(We eventually worked out that there was a music seminar next door…)

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