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The Devil’s In The Details

| Friendly | September 12, 2016

(I buy a local pool pass for my whole family but they are so busy they never come out with me and my daughter, so I just have friends join me. They are usually male. I never talk about my job and very few people know what I do.)

Me: *to the check in lady* “Three under pass 69.”

Friend: “Seriously?”

(Later I got a text reminding me to pay a bill.)

Me: “I need to pay this quickly. Sorry!” *on phone* “Yes, my Social Security number is [bunch of numbers] 666.”

(I get off the phone and see my friend looking me up and down.)

Me: “What?”

Friend: “You don’t say where you work; you leave for foreign countries all the time! Now your pool pass is 69 and you have 666 in your Social Security number!”

Me: “Yeah? And?”

Friend: “I knew it. You are the devil in disguise.”

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