The Devil Is In The Details, But The Demons Don’t Provide Them

, , , , | Right | April 7, 2021

I answer the phones for the pest control company where I work. One day, I answered the phone and I said my company’s standard greeting. Apparently, this time, those words were said in the exact way needed to open the gates of Hell, as what came through the other end was the most maddening shrieking I’ve ever been subjected to.

The woman, or she-demon, on the line proceeded to unceasingly berate the company, our service technicians, our service itself, me for working there, and everything else under the sun for committing some horrible wrongdoing against her daughter, and she demanded that her daughter’s service be terminated and for us to never contact her family again.

I would have been happy to oblige, ringing ears aside; however, in the five or so minutes that her breathless tirade went on, she never once yelled out a name, address, street, city, type of service, approximate date of service, or any other form of identifying information. And her number didn’t show up on our ID, of course. Interjecting was also impossible.

Then, she hung up.

I never did find out who that woman was or if her daughter’s service was cancelled, but I don’t recall that particular banshee ever calling back, so who knows?

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