The Definition Of Bad Student

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(I work at the circulation desk at the library. A demanding student comes in every day with a bad attitude and tends to look down on us workers. One afternoon, he comes to my desk.)

Student: “I need an example of [a certain type of poem].”

Me: “Okay, here is what I came up with.”

Student: “I want a book that tells me how many syllables each line needs.”

Me: “Okay, if you read the poem you will find out, and then follow the example.”

Student: “Ma’am, you are not understanding me. Forget it.”

Me: *a few minutes later* “I found the definition for you; it is right here in this literature book.”

Student: *in the most condescending tone and yelling* “I HAVE TOLD YOU I know the definition; are you stupid or deaf?”

Me: “Neither. The definition tells you how many syllables you need per line, and that is what you asked me to find; maybe you don’t know the definition as much as you thought you did.”

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