The Day The Music Died

| Learning | December 28, 2015

(In choir, our instructor is letting the seniors sing the beginning of Seize the Day. It’s slower than the rest of the song, so we don’t know what to do with it.)

Teacher: “Come on! You sound like you’re heading to a funeral! Come on! Sing it with energy! With feeling!”

Student #1: “Sing it like you’re going to the funeral of someone you hate.”

(Everyone but the teacher laughs at his comment.)

Teacher: “No! The piece says ‘with hushed determination.’ Sing it as written!”

Student #2: “Oh, right…!  So we should sing it like we’re going to cause the funeral of someone we hate.”

(Again everyone laughs at the tenors’ remarks.)

Teacher: “Bah! No funerals!!”

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