The Day Of The Burger

| Related | February 13, 2015

(We’re in a restaurant that specializes in burgers when I notice a sign that says ‘Same Day Service Available.’)

Me: *pointing out sign* “Well, I should hope so! Can you imagine ordering a burger and being told it’s ready on Wednesday? And then you forget what day they told you to pick it up, so you make a sandwich for dinner and finish eating it…”

Brother: “And then you remember and you’re like ‘d*** it!'”

Me: “Or they don’t tell you ahead of time when it’ll be ready, and call you at two am to say your burger is ready…”

Brother: “No, they fax you. ‘You’re burger is almost ready… just a few more weeks.’ And give you a weekly update on how your burger is coming along.”

Me: “Except there’s no way a burger should take that long and they’re just procrastinating.”

Brother: “When they tell you it’s ready, you come in and it’s something they slapped together five minutes before you got there.”

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