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The Data Is All Coming Together

, , , , , | Working | December 12, 2021

Sporadically when I would collect data from one of the machines at work, it just wouldn’t be there. It was weird; even the manufacturer came out and said it was all working fine.

Annoyingly, this meant that, instead of spending an hour a month downloading the data, I had to do it daily. It did, however, narrow down when it was happening.

It turns out that the power supply was fed through the wall from the break room. Despite having a fridge in the way and big signs on the wall and the plug itself saying, “Do not unplug,” someone was unplugging it whenever they pleased. It was an old building and there was no place to run a permanent connection.

Memos went out, the manager warned the staff, and some went on the night shift to catch the person. But it just kept happening as soon as they went back on the day shift. Even when they promised no disciplinary action would be taken, still no one came forward and no one would say who it was.

Our customer could (and sometimes did) ask for some data at any time; it was an issue waiting to happen.

It was only by chance that I went to the machine and found it off one day. I rushed to the break room and found a baby pink, bedazzled phone charger still sticking out of the wall. We finally knew who it was. There was only one woman on the whole night shift, and she confessed when presented with her charger.

Her excuse? She saw the signs, but no one came to her personally and told her not to, so it couldn’t have been bad enough to stop.

The guys on the night shift were sweet on her, so they just let her do whatever she wanted and would never dream of reporting her.

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