The Darkwing Side Of The Force

| Related | June 29, 2013

(My boyfriend, my mom and myself are leaving a restaurant. My boyfriend and I have been discussing a couple of old kid’s shows from our childhoods.)

Boyfriend: *singing*Darkwing Duck!”

Mom: “What?”

Me:Darkwing Duck! It’s another one of those shows I watched when I was like six.”

Mom: “Oh… was he Luke Waddlewalker’s dad?”

(Both my boyfriend and I stop and tilt our heads at her.)

Me: “Huh? Luke Waterwalker?”

Mom: “No! You know. Luke WADDLE-walker—like Luke SKY-walker, except he’s a duck!”

(She giggles a little too gleefully at her own joke, while my boyfriend and I sigh, shake our heads, and keep on walking.)

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